Site Policies

These are the rules you have to follow when using this site.

User Treatment

Don't insults, irritate or attack other users. Treat others the way you want to be treated. This rule also applys when you are playing with us on ps3 (unless you are talking to the enemy team. we don't care what you say to them).

Forum Policy

Users could access the forum by going to the home page then clicking the link to the forum. For now, the only topics allowed are those related to gaming and the site. All rules apply on the forum page. Also, remember to sign your posts by pressing the ~ key 4 times.

Blog Policy

Anyone could create blogs, as long as it follows the rules listed on this page

Chat Policy

Users could access the chat feature in any page except the home page. Remember to follow all rules and no spamming. Remember that if you do not follow the rules, you could be kicked and banned from the chat feature.

New Page Policy

since this is a wiki, anyone could create a new page, however, only pages about the clan are allowed. Any page that is about something else will be deleted.

Promotion Policy

Promotion and advertisment for anything except Flash clan is not allowed.

User Blocks

If someone does not follow these simple rules, then you could be blocked from the site and kicked from our clan if you are in our clan